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2000ad, alan moore, all-girl summer fun band, america's next top model, ancient warfare, angelica, ants, architecture in helsinki, archway, arkham horror, arsenal fc, atheism, avoiding music journalism, bad dream fancy dress, ballboy, bearsuit, belle & sebastian, blood bowl, board games, bobby mcgees, brighton, call of cthulhu, camera obscura, canals, cansei de ser sexy, car parks, charlie brooker, cheese, darren hayman, das wanderlust, david lynch, deadwood, discarded shoes on bus-stops, disused railway stations, drama llama, elastica, entomology, epidemiology, euston manifesto, evolution, fat tulips, free loan investments, frisky and mannish, front seats of buses, garth ennis, getting-lost-for-a-laugh, girls aloud, girls with guitars, going on about evolution, graham linehan, grant morrison, half man half biscuit, heavenly, hefner, hellblazer, help she can't swim, holloway road, indie indie indie rar, insects, j g ballard, kenickie, killing zombies, kirsty maccoll, last night on earth, les plasticines, look around you, look look (dancing boys), lucky lucky pigeons, lucky soul, making compilation cds, mates of state, mbicr, meg lee chin, mojitos, monkey swallows the universe, morrissey, north london, parallelograms, peep show, peter serafinowicz, plus-tech squeeze box, post-apocalyptic visions, rats, red things, rome: total war, shopping trolleys in canals, shrag, singles not on albums, slgtm, socialism, songs that go one-two-three-four, songs with clapping, sonic boom six, sonya out of echobelly, talulah gosh, television without pity, the chalets, the delgados, the go! team, the happy birthdays, the horatii, the long blondes, the northern line, the pipettes, the polyphonic spree, the smiths, the softies, tiger trap, tilly and the wall, unironic swedish indie pop, walking across victoria station, we start fires, winning, yog sothoth, yspwsd